Jerry and Noreen Hamilton with Fauna and Roah Pharoah, the founding horses. Jerry and Noreen’s love of horses was immense, the memories of good times spent with family and friends at horse shows will last a lifetime for all of us.

Casalae Farms is a beautiful equestrian facility with over 40 rolling acres located only minutes from downtown Traverse City.  Founded in 1987 by Jerry and Noreen Hamilton, Casalae Farms has become “home” to many.  Horses of several breeds are housed here with owners of many different interests, from competitive showing to pleasure/trail riding. A family friendly environment and professional, safety-oriented instructors instill a passion for horses in riders of all ages while also teaching valuable skills on well-trained lesson horses.  Casalae riders attend and show successfully at competitions that range from Open and school equestrian team shows all the way up to the regional and national levels on the Arabian circuit. All levels of riders and horses are welcome at Casalae.  Feel free to call or stop in for a visit!